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Home Phone (Residential) Service Plans

Perfect Phone Service for any Residence in Australia

Residential VoIP Account Registration

This is your VoIP Account there is a one-off, One Time setup fee that covers the account setup, (number setup chosen) and a basic Phone configuration. There is also a one-time activation cost for the account as well.

You can now choose residential VoIP credit now, select a residential VoIP Plan or add and pick from the local area phone codes. Numbers are assigned randomly by a VoIP Engineer from a list of the available phone numbers that are in the pool, unless you specifically enter an area code or specify a town or city where you want the local number, e.g. Brisbane City 617 or Brisbane. Kangaroo Point. You must be specific or you may end up with the wrong number.

*For residential VoIP please note there is a 30-day cancellation policy that applies to this service, you must cancel the service 30 days from the date of the next due invoice or you will be charged a cancellation fee if you wish to cancel the service or account.

**Please also note there is an ongoing monthly account fee, which covers you for support and to maintain your account, this also helps us help you keep the costs down and affordable for all Australian residents. Please also note that Residential VoIP Service is currently only available for Australian residential customers, you must provide your address in Australia as well as either a utility bill, bank statement, copy of your Australian driver's license or a recent paycheck with your residential address on it. Please note that on bank statements and paychecks you can black out any information that does not verify your address, however, your name and residential address must be visible in full.

***Before your account is activated you will receive a welcome email with a link to securely upload your document for proof, please ensure your email address is real as this is crucial to the activation of your account

****Lastly please take note that setup fees and service account fees are non-refundable and once paid can not be reimbursed unless My Global Solutions Group or My Australian VoIP at our discretion approve a refund under one of the following categories; "Death", "Moving Internationally" or another reason put in writing to the Customer Service Accounts, Billing and Refunds team from your customer portal. A decision will be made and you will be informed. Also, there are no 30-day free trials, free accounts or refunds for change of mind.

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